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How can the Speedway SuperFleet Mastercard Fuel Card Program help me manage my business fleet fuel expenses?

The SuperFleet Mastercard Fuel Card Program can help you track your fueling expenses separately from your other business expenses.

• The SuperFleet Mastercard can help you control and monitor fuel purchases through detailed reporting and access to your account online 24/7. The fuel card can even help reduce unauthorized fuel purchases through the use of fleet controls that allow fleet managers to monitor the volume and frequency of transactions.

• If your business takes you to an area without a Speedway location, the SuperFleet Mastercard will allow your drivers to fuel at any location that accepts Mastercard®, regardless of brand, with the same controls and monitoring ability of purchases at these locations to help you manage your fuel purchases.

What type of reporting will I receive with the SuperFleet Mastercard Fuel Card Program?

• Customer Statement – summarizes your total balance • Cardholder Management Report – provides details on each transaction by cardholder, including miles between fill-ups, miles/galon and cost/mile after each transaction • Additional reports are available online

What type of fleet card controls do I have with my SuperFleet Mastercard Fuel Card Program?

Control features for the SuperFleet Mastercard include:
• PINs (referenced as Driver ID at the pump) to monitor fleet card usage
• Ability to restrict or allow purchases outside of fuel by card
• Advanced reporting features with customized reporting options
• Odometer prompting to help track mileage, cost per mile, and miles per litre for each of your vehicles
• Restrict usage to Pay at Pump Only
• Set purchase limits on each card to help control spending including:
1) Dollars per day, week or month 2) Dollars per maintenance purchase 3) Number of transactions per day, week or month

How can I reduce unauthorized purchases with the SuperFleet Mastercard Fuel Card Program?

The SuperFleet Mastercard gives you the ability to help control types of purchases for each fleet fuel card. For your added security, a transaction will not be completed unless the correct PIN (referenced as Driver ID at the pump) is entered. You can also set purchase limits on individual cards such as maximum dollar restrictions, time of day limits, day of week limits, gallon limits, transaction limits, and product restrictions.

Can I setup multiple purchase restrictions on one business fuel card?

Yes, with the SuperFleet Mastercard, you can set the account to lock when a restriction is breached. For example, if the fleet card is set with dollar amount and transactions per day restrictions, the first restriction to be breached will lock the card.
The SuperFleet Mastercard also allows you to set certain controls to be reported as an exception, if you don’t want the fuel cards to be locked when a restriction is breached. These exceptions will show up on the Exception Report that can be downloaded from your account management website or sent to a valid email address.

Where can the fuel card be used?

The SuperFleet Mastercard can be used at all Speedway and at any non-Speedway fueling location that accepts Mastercard.
You can also open the cards up to maintenance service, which allows your drivers to purchase maintenance at any non-fuel auto service store, to help them get back on the road faster.

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